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We believe in creating

communities embedded with values and culture



At Belvalkar We want neighbourhoods to be the new family enriched with an inclusive lifestyle where one coexists peacefully with the natural world through a perfect harmony between innovation and perfection.

We bring our expertise to multiple construction sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one project at a time.

Our Focus Areas

​Propel your business to new heights at our commercial hubs in Pune, designed for productivity, collaboration, and endless growth possibilities. Step into a world of innovative spaces where your business vision can flourish amidst a supportive environment.


Explore Belvalkar Group's residential realms in Pune, where modern amenities meet serene surroundings, offering a harmonious living experience. Become a part of our community where tradition elegantly intertwines with contemporary living.


Embark on a rejuvenated journey with our redevelopment projects, transforming outdated structures into modern, efficient, and value-driven spaces. Experience a smooth transition into a newly imagined living or work space, reflecting modernity and efficiency.


Discover a life well-lived with Belvalkar Group, where your neighborhood becomes a harmonious blend of work, culture, and nature. With a legacy built on timely deliveries and unwavering trust, we turn your dream of an ideal home into reality. Explore our elegantly designed homes in Pune, Maharashtra, and become a part of our value-driven community today!

Latest Projects

​Model Colony

Prabhat Road

Dahanukar Colony

Shivtirth Nagar

Customer Review

The most important thing when we
buy a home from someone is the
thoroughly vet the brand we would
be associating with. I bought a flat
in Sarita Nagari Phase 2 and was
soon assured that whether it's
through a home-delivered free
magazine like Aisi Akshare or any
events they host, they are a
culturally-rooted group with a
strong vision, something that is
found in very few professional
people today.


Dear friend & customer
of Sarita Nagari

I have been living in a Belvalkar
home since childhood. At first in
Sarita Vihar which we purchased in
1999, and our current home in Sarita
Vaibhav which we purchased in
2019. 20 years apart, and their
team’s cooperative nature and the
‘go an extra mile’ attitude still
persists, instilling confidence trust. It
has been a treat associating with the
Belvalkar family, who strongly
believe in values such as
transparency and being genuinely
good people.


Dear friends & customers
of Sarita Vihar & Sarita Vaibhav

Belvalkar Group’s presentation and
overall approach resonated greatly
with all of us. However, the biggest
assurance I got about having made
the right decision was when I saw
the ‘countdown clock’ at our site
during the launch, which displays
days in which our project will be
completed. This shows how
committed and dedicated this entire
group is. They have a co-operative
team, transparent practices, and
have gone above & beyond for us
whenever required.


Existing member of Niwant

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