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Why Kothrud's Shivtirth Nagar and Lokmanya Colony are growing popular places for homebuyers in Pune?

Updated: Mar 21

Pune, called as "Oxford of the East," is a rapidly expanding city that draws numerous students, professionals, and businesspeople each year. The availability of reasonably priced and high-quality real estate properties is one of the key elements that contribute to Pune's appeal as a living destination. Kothrud encapsulates Pune localities like Shivtirth Nagar, Lokmanya colony, Rambaug Colony and Dahanukar Colony, which have recently experienced growing popularity amongst homebuyers. We'll look into why these places are catching the attention of property purchasers in this blog post.

Well first of all, the ideality of these localities is a key contributor to their rising appeal. Kothrud, which is in Pune's western region, provides convenient and hassle-free access to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, making it easy to connect to Mumbai and other desired areas of the city. Kothrud’s proximity to Hinjewadi, the IT hub of Pune, makes it a popular choice for working professionals.

The availability of top-notch infrastructure and amenities is the second factor drawing purchasers to these areas. For instance, some of the city's top hospitals, institutions, and schools are conveniently located near Kothrud. Shivtirth Nagar is just minutes away from MIT World Peace University, Metrocity Sports Club, and a wide selection of restaurants. Located just minutes away from Vanaz Metro Station, Lokmanya Colony offers its residents a hassle-free commute to other areas.These elements guarantee a lifestyle full of comfort and ease, which is a big draw for property purchasers.

Thirdly, the bang-for-buck offered in areas like Lokmanya Colony, Shivtirth Nagar and Dahanukar Colony is like no other in the core areas of Pune. This has made such locales desirable for homebuyers looking for high-quality properties at reasonable prices. Their appeal is also enhanced by the choice of configurations offered in the homes available there.

Lastly, these locales are a popular choice amongst homebuyers due to their tranquil surroundings. They are ideal for leisure and rejuvenation because they are surrounded by greenery and have a peaceful, calm ambiance offering . the perfect hideaway for individuals and families looking to get away from the city's noise and bustle.

In conclusion, Shivtirth Nagar, Lokmanya Colony and Dahanukar Colony are just some of the areas in Kothrud that are growing in popularity among homebuyers in Pune because of their prime location, first-rate infrastructure and services, reasonable prices, and serene atmosphere. The noticeable infrastructure development seen in these regions may make them a desired choice for your next investment location if you intend to purchase a home in Pune.

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