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Sarita Vaibhav

Every Morning,

The River Sends You Her Love.

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The river has an indelible place in our heart. Flowing, churning; at times still and enigmatic as a sage, she accompanies us through changing phases, as if witnessing and reflecting in its crystal clear waters, our own learning of life.
The river has its special place and emanates an eternally reassuring energy; that soothes and revitalizes, cheers and caresses. The river, in all its silver, shimmering glory is the possession of the soul.
Settlers by the riverside, lived and flourished in her benevolent company as she nourished their land and enriched their lives. 
Now, yet again, here in the city of Pune, emerges a new age symbolism of riverside living - a culturally evolved milieu near the banks of the Mula river. 
Welcome to Belvalkar Housing Sarita Vaibhav, a neighbourhood that shall thrive much like the rich civilizations that have etched their stories in the pages of history. 

Eco System
Eco System

With her unique eco-system and eye-pleasing surroundings, the gracefully flowing river beckons you to snuggle into her embrace. From here, she will take you along in childlike innocence into an irresistibly inviting future. As you move ahead reaching out for the stars, claiming victory after victory in your worldly quests, she will be by your side, ready with welcoming arms when you choose to pause for breath.
At Sarita Vaibhav, the river makes living stress-free. You can connect to the Mumbai – Pune Bypass. Move ahead a little further and you can break free into the picturesque landscape of Mulshi and Kamshet. Moreover, you are never too far from the city at any given moment. Sarita Vaibhav also offers the comforts of all civic amenities at close distance.


she takes you along her side. 




she mirrors you.

When you sailed paper boats in her flow, she became the child you were. She showed the turbulences of adolescence in the half light of winter. And when you dreamt of your soul mate, she romanced your dreams like a beautiful angel. Now, as you stand strong, the unassuming achiever, the river celebrates you with her dignified presence.

Blending in with this special bond, Sarita Vaibhav emerges all substance and vibrancy, just like the river. 

Uncompromising quality and only the very best of inputs make up the homes here. Elegance is evident in everything, from the fineness of the walls to quality of fixtures and from the elevation to the layout.


Like-minded People

It’s easier to design a masterpiece when we know how you think. At Belvalkar Housing, we think much the same way as you do. We believe in substance rather than noise. Quality matters more than just hype. 
It is not surprising that hundreds of elite, cultured families have associated with us and preferred our creations. With Sarita Vaibhav, we look forward to welcoming you in our ever-growing family of home owners.

Sarita Vaibhav Family

Functionality Style


go hand in hand.

Our architects give deep thought to planning. It’s not just the aesthetics but also the functionality of the plan that goes a long way in rendering a stress-free lifestyle. 
Comfort, privacy and ease of movement reflect amply in the spacious homes at Sarita Vaibhav.
Economy of space, justice to available space, optimum natural light and ventilation are several factors that are integrated skillfully in the layout.


only 2 flats per floor

Only 2 Flats per Floor

Space Management

Space Management

Fresh Air Circulation 

Fresh Air Circulation 

Location Centric 

Location Centric 

Mechanized Parking

Mechanized Parking

2 Lifts per Building

2 Lifts per Building

Security Check at Each Entry

Security Check at Each Entry

500 mts

PL Deshpande Garden

400 mts

Bank of India

1 km

Global Hospital

2.5 km

Denanath Mangeshkar Hospital

3.5 km

Abhinav High School

4 km

Dr. Kalmadi High School


Location Map
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